Our core team has over 75 years of combined experience.  That's depth. We have breadth too as we have developed expertise in all the areas that will be needed to ensure your go-to-market campaign is a success. And we have the tried and tested relationships and partnerships to fill in the blanks for the areas where we do not have the relevant experience.



We love helping new companies get started. Or existing companies, large and small, launch new brands, divisions or products. We've done it in many different settings and have the scars to prove it. But we wouldn't change any of it.

We are also passionate about things within or spheres of expertise and are not shy about expressing these passions and their attendant opinions.


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Cost has been an issue for every project and company we have ever been involved with, individually or as The Marketing Distillery.  That's why we have made a commitment to keep access to our expertise affordable.  And have built processes and a structure that allows us to make it so.

How we charge for our help is simple:

  • If you need just strategy work, we charge a "consulting" fee (in quotes because we dislike that term) for our time.
  • If you need launch campaign implementation help, first we throw in the strategy work for free and, second, we charge a markup on the services we use for your campaign, whether internal or external to The Marketing Distillery. Don't worry, we get these services at reduced prices so, in the end, you are paying less than market value. And you get the strategy for free!
  • If our fees are still beyond your budget (don't feel bad, it happens) and if we believe in your project and your team, we are open to discussing an equity participation in exchange for a lower fee.